4 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Social Media Posts

4 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Social Media Posts

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4 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Social Media Posts
You tweet, chat, post, comment, share and LIKE at an alarming pace.

You have listened to the so-called experts and painstakingly built your presence across multiple social channels. You now find that much of your week is spent curating, creating and scheduling.

Add to that the never-ending challenge to keep up with the latest tools and trends, all while remaining actively engaged; and with that you have the makings for a social media meltdown.

While it’s no secret that social media can be challenging due to its magnitude, the speed at which it moves and many mysterious nuisances, it can be mastered.

If you are eager to make the most of your social media posts, the solutions below will help you maximize, capitalize, and monetize your efforts!

  1. Keep it Simple

Your followers and fans are faced with a daily deluge of links, lists, tips, downloadable docs and sales promotions. Standing out among that noise and elevating your business above your competition can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

As you prepare your content for each social channel, do not over-think your posts. While it can be tempting to give an infinite amount of detail about your latest product, keeping the post short and sweet with a catchy call to action will whet the appetite enough to drive action.

Tweet this! As you prepare your content for each social channel, do not over-think your posts. Keep them short, sweet & easy to SHARE! 

Remember, we are all moving at lightning speed. Make sure your post is short enough to be scanned, shared and commented on quickly.

  2. Find the Right Mix

Every one of your promotional posts or tweets should be balanced by 5-6 posts that are informative, funny, engaging, or thought-provoking. You also want to include a substantial amount of content that comes from followers, friends and professionals that speak to your niche.

The more you mix up your content, the quicker you understand what content your audience truly enjoys. Once you find that sweet spot and start to see your content shared, the social media magic begins. Those shares and retweets will increase your reach as well as your potential for audience growth.

The bottom line is this: turn your friends, fans and followers into a captive audience that gladly shares your content and in turn becomes a marketing extension of your business.

  3. Keep it Interesting

Keep people involved and coming back with fun and interesting information. Share a beautiful image, a heartwarming story, or post an unusual item from the news. In other words, give fans and followers content they will want to share.

Monitor your sites so you can respond to comments or questions quickly. Make use of your special expertise to give advice. For example, a series of useful tips pertaining to your specific industry is valuable information many people will want to share. Fluff is nice, but information that can be used to save money, make money, and win in negotiations will keep an audience tuned in.  Don’t try to sneak in a product message: just provide general information that’s helpful for the average consumer with no strings attached.

The quickest path to getting people talking and returning to your social site is to give something away with no strings attached. The better your giveaway, the more buzz! Once you have grown your audience, consider continuing to offer special deals to viewers such as internet-only coupons or deals.

  4. Spread the Word

Of course you can advertise your site.  Facebook, Google and Twitter offer advertising options, but it may be a budget-buster as the return might not justify the expense.

Start smaller, by being sure that all company printed material – including your business card, brochures and emails – lists your social sites. Combining your online and offline efforts will ensure that any marketing material serves as a reminder of where past, current and potential customers can “like” or follow you.

Get Started

While everyone must find their own unique voice, it’s important to interject enough of you into your social media presence that people enjoy connecting and engaging. If you’re simply pushing out the same old stuff your competitor is, finding a differentiating factor is going to be difficult.

Be unique, be informative, but most of all be YOU!

Where will you get started today?

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  1. Gm! Thanks for the great info! Ill be keeping it short and sweet lol duly noted ;)

  2. Rebekah,

    I must say that I always enjoy your content and this post is no exception!

    You bring up some great points here. It’s definitely important for people not to get overwhelmed and just keep it simple, especially when you’re just starting out. If you try to do too much to soon you’ll drive yourself crazy.

    “Get started”. So true. Just go for it! :)
    DJ Thistle recently posted..Is It Time to Declutter Our Technology Habits?My Profile

    • Thank you so much DJ! It is hard to not get caught up in the craziness of social media, but incredibly important to stick to the basics and keep it simple. No need to overwhelm ourselves with 5 tools when 1 will do!


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