8 Pinterest Tips and Tricks: A Cheat Sheet for Newbies

8 Pinterest Tips and Tricks: A Cheat Sheet for Newbies

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8 Pinterest Tips and Tricks: A Cheat Sheet for Newbies

Pinterest may be the current social media belle of the ball, but that does not mean everyone truly gets it yet. While Pinterest is an exciting opportunity for business marketers, capitalizing on this unique platform can feel elusive.

If you are interested in marketing your products or services, the goal behind Pinterest is simple:

Create brand awareness by providing eye-catching images that drive traffic to your website, increase sales, revenue and cash flow.

Sounds easy, right?

Not for most businesses still struggling to piece together a successful social media marketing plan.

So how can you begin to integrate Pinterest into your overall marketing strategy?

Here are a few Pinterest tips and tricks to help you make the most out of this visual marketing tool.

8 Pinterest Tips and Tricks: A Cheat Sheet for Newbies

Pinterest Tips and Tricks

  1. Learn the Language

As with any social media site, there is a language unique to the network. Learning the lingo before you get started will help you quickly adjust to this new environment.

  • Board – think of boards as content buckets of similar content. You can capture content and add it to these boards where they become easily shareable.
  • Pin – a pin is an image that you have captured and added to a board.
  • RePin – the act of sharing someone’s pin to one of your boards.
  • Comments and Likes – similar to Facebook, Pinterest allows you to like someone’s pin or leave a comment on the pin.
  • Pin it button – this can be added to your browser allowing you to easily pin anything you want to share.

pinterest lingo

  2. Share Interesting Content

This may feel like a “well, duh” kind of moment, but you would be surprised at how uninteresting some of the Pinterest boards I see truly are.

Make sure the content you share is always exciting, interesting and appealing to your followers. When you are pinning images, presentation really does matter.

Take a look at this beautiful cheesecake from the SoNo Baking Company. Based on presentation alone, I not only want to buy it, but I want to run out and do it right now.

rasberry cheesecake

While sharing interesting content is incredibly important, so is consistency.  

If you are going to commit to marketing your business on Pinterest, it will not happen overnight. This means you cannot simply throw up a few images and scurry away. You can only continue to generate interest and intrigue by adding fresh content to your boards on a consistent basis.

  3. Be Relevant

Post content that your followers will be interested in sharing. Who is your target audience and what are they looking for?

While it is fun to pin your interests, hobbies and activities outside of work, make sure you share content from your site and others that speaks to the needs of your potential customers.

  4. Optimize Your Profile

Complete your profile on Pinterest and optimize it for search. Add keywords that best define and describe your business.

Remember, people connect with human beings, not automated robots. Make sure you use keywords, but also add those things that make you unique. What do you enjoy outside of the office and what are those “coffee table” type details that will generate conversation? Add those to your bio as well.

edit profile

  5. Promote your Pinterest Page

A few ways to bring added exposure to your pins:

  • pinchatConnect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Pinterest.
  • Share your Pinterest posts on Facebook, including a link back to the pin.
  • Join Facebook groups or other online groups where members share tips and tricks that can help you promote business. An excellent group (and chat) to join is Kelly Lieberman’s #Pinchat.
  • Publish your Pinterest posts on Twitter.
  • Add the “Follow me on Pinterest” button to your website and blog.
  • Promote your social site to your email list or add an announcement to your weekly/monthly newsletter.

  6. Share Quality Images

Pinterest is a visual marketing medium; therefore, the success of your content will rely heavily on the quality of your images. So, take really good pictures or create images that cause people to take action.

Make sure you have professional looking images taken against a clean background and photographed with style. Use a photo editing software such as PicMonkey to edit the images and add flair to an otherwise boring picture. Pictures are your currency!

  7. Follow Similar Pinners

Follower  pinners with similar content, pin posts by bloggers you follow and then like and comment on their content. When you are active in the Pinterest community, other users get to know you and will follow you, repin your pins and help you gain more visibility.

As with all social sites, sharing is based on the law of reciprocity. This means that you give and take mutually; sharing others content which in return will hopefully open the door to mutual sharing of content. Besides the business benefits, sharing others content just creates good social karma so make it a must-do in your marketing strategy.

  8. Pay Attention to Your Analytics

The ability to reach a large audience isn’t the only plus when it comes to Pinterest marketing. You also have available to you an analytics tool that allows you to see how much traffic you are directing to your website plus which pins are receiving the most attention.

There are a few steps involved before you can access Pinterest analytics. Read the step-by-step instructions.

Those are a few of my top Pinterest tips and tricks to help you promote your business. What tips can you share?

Happy pinning!

Article written by Rebekah Radice and reposted with permission by Steamfeed.

2.4K Shares Twitter 265 Google+ 33 Facebook 14 Buffer 30 Pin It Share 2K LinkedIn 20 StumbleUpon 57 Reddit 0 2.4K Shares ×

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  1. why can’t I pin all the pins I want to? I am tired of getting the message I/ve reached my limit, didn’t know there was one.I want to add more pins.can anyone help me?….

    • Lillian,

      The reason you don’t want to post them all is because they will show up on your followers new feeds and you don’t want to over do it. Pinning little by little is like having someone get to know you day by day not all at once. Hope that helps.


  2. Thanks for an interesting post. I’ve been using Pinterest personally for a long time, and am now using more for my business. I think it’s a great platform!

  3. All of these are great Pinterest tips. I’m not as active as I should be, but I create all of my graphics from scratch for the thumbnails.

    I also do some ghost writing, especially nail art and craft making posts, and have to try to take really good pics… with my cell phone’s camera. Apparently people love stealing my cameras and laptops… 0-3 for both combined…lol
    Nile recently posted..Interview With An Influential Blogger: Sadie LankfordMy Profile

  4. I’ve been using Pinterest practically since the beginning and as a visual kinda gal I just love it! Just wanted to say you’ve done an excellent job with the points in your article – even looks great. If you don’t mind there is just one point (plea) I’d like to add as a regular user – tis far better to post consistently than sporadically. Some people will image dump 10 to 15 images all at the same time and disappear till the next dump run. Annoying as heck and – at least for me – a sure way to be “unfollowed.” I’m by no means an expert, but I do make a point of having some activity every day – commenting, repinning and at least one quality new pin. Thanks for the great read and look forward to getting to know you in B3. :-)
    marquita herald recently posted..How a Simple Act of Kindness Creates Everyday HeroesMy Profile

  5. Definitely learning the Pinterest way of things Rebekah. Your post is helping me get up to snuff with Pin terminology, etc. Thanks for the helpful share :)

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Why Mixing Online Business with Pleasure Can Form a Poisonous Facebook CocktailMy Profile

  6. Rebekah have you heard of the pinterest analytic tool, PinReach? I received an email for my account to transition over to the newly named Tailwind service.
    Looks a bit more advanced for me since my Pinterest use isn’t as often as it was.
    tony greene recently posted..3 MILLION G+NIUSES!My Profile

  7. Hello Rebekah,

    Perhaps I am first time here on your blog although I may have known you through my Twitter (I am just thinking out loud). This is an excellent post on using Pinterest.
    Thank you for pointing out a few way to improve our Pinterest experience. I have been on Pinterest for a long time now but to be honest, I have not paid much attention to it simply because I have remained focused more on Facebook/Twitter and Google+. But I understand that I need to put myself together to get some traction through Pinterest.
    Wishing you all the best and thank you for an awesome post!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..How Sheraton And Marriott Put So Many People Through Pain In MemphisMy Profile

    • Hi Kumar! It does take time to gain traction and a following, just as with any social network. Consistency is your friend in this situation. Make time to get on Pinterest 10 minutes a day and start pinning. As a blogger, it’s a huge benefit to you!

  8. Great advice Rebekah on using Pinterest. Like most social media many of us “myself included” are still in the learning curve. Thank you for pointing out a few way to improve our Pinterest experience. Wish you all the best in the future.

  9. Hi Rebekah. Great tips! When I started using Pinterest, I monitored a lot of successful Pinterest practices depending on their engagement rates and the number of followers. From big to small businesses, I studied how other brands use Pinterest and how I can interact with my followers in order to stand out.

    Here’s a link to the Whole Foods’ How-to Pinboard, called “Food Tips and Tricks”:

    Adella recently posted..How to Target Facebook Ads Based on Email Address & Phone Number (Custom Audience)My Profile


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