10 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing

10 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing

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10 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing

10 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media MarketingThe business world today is rapidly changing.

Long gone are the days of passive marketing. Today it is necessary for a business or brand to not only get social, but also stay socially active, relevant and connected.

There is no doubt that social media has changed the rules of the marketing game for businesses of all sizes.

Unfortunately, many business professionals continue to struggle when it comes to understanding and properly implementing social media into an existing business plan.

In fact, a study by Balihoo proves this point revealing that twenty-three percent of businesses actively developing social media strategies are struggling to find value.

So what exactly should you be doing to build an online presence that attracts, engages and increases rapport between you and your prospective clients?

We tackled this topic last week on Good Day Google+.

I was honored to receive an invitation from Chef Dennis Littley to join his weekly Google Plus hangout, along with Christine DeGraff and Neil Ferree. Over the course of an hour, we talked at length about social media, blogging and getting your business not just found online, but positioning it as a leader within your industry or niche.

The end result is this must-follow list of social media golden rules you need to pay attention to if you want to succeed within the social space.

Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing

  1. Linking Just Makes Good Sense

Write quality content and link back to relevant articles.

Not only does this add relevance to your content, but establishes rapport with influencers talking about and around your same topic.

  2. Write High Quality Content

We hear this time and again, but somehow I just don’t think it can be mentioned enough.

If writing is not your skill set, pass it off to a professional writer. It is that important.

  3. Update Your Content on a Regular Basis

It is not enough to just write quality content.

You must write and post often and with purpose. This ensures that your past and potential clients keep coming back for more.

  4. Be Patient

Patience is a virtue, especially when building a social media presence.

Anything worth doing takes time. Invest your time and engage in a meaningful and intentional way on a daily basis.

  5. Stay Focused on Your Purpose

It is easy to get caught up in “shiny object syndrome” when it comes to the newest, latest and greatest social media tool or strategy.

Just say no to the new and stay focused on what you are building. Work your strategy with diligence.

  6. Listen and Observe

Social media is an excellent listening tool.

Pay attention to your clients online and offer solutions to their problems.  You can listen through Google Alerts, keyword research and other online tools such as Social Mention.

social mention

  7. Never, EVER Steal Someone Else’s Hard Work

This seems like a no-brainer, but believe me when I say it’s a prevalent problem on the web.

Christine made an excellent point when speaking about how we position content. Make sure you always give proper attribution whether it is tagging that author or linking back to the article.

The repercussions are not worth a moment of thoughtless posting.

Here’s a look at what correct attribution looks like on social media:

author attribution

  8. Connect, Connect and Connect Some More

Social media is not only an exceptional location to connect with your potential consumers, but also with influencers and other thought leaders within your industry.

Reach out, engage and stat connected with like-minded professionals. It’s just good business and social media etiquette.

  9. Cross Promote

Share your content across multiple channels and do it with a new and unique spin designed for that particular network. What does that mean?

What plays well or shares well on Google Plus does not necessarily elicit the same response on Facebook. Make sure you cater to the audience you are attempting to connect with.

  10. Never Forget the Power of Local

If you are  a local business, you need to listen in to the long discussion we had surrounding this topic.

Neil offered phenomenal insight every business owner looking to “get found” in their local market needs to hear.

Watch the Google+ Today hangout in its entirety here:

So tell me, how are you using social media to connect with your audience?

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  1. Excellent blogpost,
    Content is the king, its must be written for audience, recently google the largest search giant has gone one step further directing IT entrepreneurs and content developers aka bloggers to prefer reference style writing as well as serve audience useful content by offering freebies etc. The value of content is enormous, one good example to this is wikipedia which accept reference style writing and always stands on top of SERPs without spending single penny on SEO.

  2. Hi Rebekah,

    Thanks for posting this video! It’s very informative and I learned some additional things that I have been overlooking. Most people that have businesses tend to think that social media is something that they can do later on.

    The time is now to start doing a social media campaign. Now I will start putting more time into Google plus. I really like your comment about engaging followers then to just go for shear volume.

    Thank you Rebekah!

  3. Rebekah: Great and absolute rules to follow. Now if I only had enough time to do all the things you mention. The hardest for me is to run a tax and estates law practice AND post articles frequently and do all the other essential things you mention. Thanks for the reminders.

  4. Hi Rebekah,

    10 Rules worthy of being etched into stone. Items 4 and 5 are the ones we encounter most in coaching clients, both in social media and blogging, and they seem to go hand in hand.

    People become impatient, waiting for their readership and influence to build for their chosen topic and field of expertise. They therefore decide they must be on the wrong track and choose a new shiny object they believe will get faster results for them.

    - Cole
    Cole Wiebe recently posted..Writing Sales Copy That Converts :: Part 2 of 4My Profile

  5. Hi Rebekah,

    Social media is one thing I know that works! I meet people all the time from different social networks.

    Some say it is too time consuming but if one has a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) for it, it is easy as pie. The essential part is being consistent. I really don’t spend all day on social media, but have a plan I stick to very well and keep it going every day.

    I don’t ever use automation. I like to engage with people and grow organically…I find it is the best way to engage with others.

    So what happens with all of this? They eventually come to my blog and I go to theirs. Our blog is our home base, but then they get more interested in what I’m up to and eventually a business relationship is born.

    For me, that’s how I love to do business. Let them come to me instead of me pouncing on them. It is easy, more fun and lasts a long time.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Baby Boomer BloggersMy Profile

  6. Jeevan Jacob John

    Hey Rebekah,

    Since I don’t have an active blog right now, most of my blogging time is spent on commenting and social media (commenting comes first :D).

    I am having success with social media so far. I am hoping that this will help to kick start my blog, when I launch it in January.

    As for my past experiences, I have used events such as Twitter chats, Plus Hangouts and my own FB page chats (I had tremendous success with it. Only disadvantage was that participants needed to refresh the page every min, since the real time comments wasn’t fast enough to reload all our comments). I am hoping to host something similar in the future – perhaps on Google Plus?

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the tips, Rebekah :) Appreciate it! Hope you are having a good week.

  7. Hi Rebekah,

    Our of these 10 points, I think I’ve largely ignored the “Power of Local” and I need to correct that mistake. That is going to be my next new year resolution in the blogging aspect of my overall new year goal setting.

    Thank you for this awesome reminder and helping so many bloggers and entrepreneurs with your 10 tips in this post.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..WordPress Is Not A Ping Spammer And You Don’t Need Any Ping OptimizerMy Profile

  8. Hello Rebekah! What a Great Post! We all know that people d business with people they know like and trust so it just makes sense to build relationships Right? Love the tips! Thanks for sharing Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Are You Grateful For What You Have In Your Life?My Profile

  9. I have a lot of experience with some of the points you make but not all of them. I tend to post a lot of other peoples content (with attribution of course) I tend to network, I post quality content.

    But the trouble is I am so incredibly inconsistent. I have been trying to work on the systems so that things happen smoother, like posting with the Hootsuite Hootlet, and trying to get engaged t least once a day on my Twitter stream but it is the Facebook Page and the Google+ page that I have trouble with as there is not much engagement unless you already have a following on the page. Is there ways to comment and like as the page owner instead of just as a person?
    Bill recently posted..HCG Diet InfoMy Profile

  10. This article is very interesting, I would enjoyed more if the rules had been developped a bit more but it’s still interesting and efficient.
    I hope it will help me to get better at reaching a wider audience.

    I may need advices : I’m a very eclectic person and so I can cover many subjects, but it doesn’t me I go outer than who I am, and what I’m interested in. But it’s hard to keep coherent when I share posts on social networks, because people tend to think it’s random. Also when I share it to my social networks (I’ve much followers on G+, and really less on Twitter) but most of time 0%-1% of folllowers react to it. I don’t know how to better catch people for that.

    I’ve to focus on points 1-2-3-10

  11. I have a little feedback for restaurants building their brand. Connect with bloggers who write about you. I am amazed how well this can work or not work, since I do write blog posts about restaurants. When the restaurant responds with gratitude, I will share much more, because I’m reminded. Recently a restaurant “noticed” my positive review a whole 18 months later and started connecting. It’s funny. Now they will often retweet my recipe posts, so better late than never. They must have hired a new person who knows how to connect. It’s disappointing, though, when a restaurant never responds as if the review didn’t matter (it’s always a shout out, because I don’t do negative ones). I think it’s an opportunity missed. (especially small, local places.)
    angela recently posted..Retro Rose’s Legendary Stove Top Candied Sweet PotatoesMy Profile

  12. I have been on social media for years now but over the past several weeks I realized that was the extent of it I was just on it and never really used it for what it was a tool for my business, Yes I posted things that could boost my business but never really understood how to make sure those post really worked for me. I called it my point and shoot method and hope for the best. So now I am faced with the reality that this takes a lot of work and with me on a shoestring budget for my small business I cant afford a professional. So can I do it on my own is the question I continually ask myself and make an impact.. Video’s and article like these make a huge difference in my quest to begin a presence in the social media world. But any suggestions passed my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • It is an enormous commitment Jac and it’s great to hear you’ve been active, even if you feel there’s more you could be doing. Many don’t understand how much time and energy it takes to get your name and business out there. Congrats on sticking with it!

      • Thanks Rebekah! One of my main issues I see I am having is that when I started social media I filled it up with friends and like business not really focusing on the customers that shared interest in the products I am selling.. Have I been doing it all wrong for so long now that I may never become social currency?

  13. I think businesses can’t grasp the idea of social media because they can’t see their brand connecting on a personal level with people. I actually talked to a client of mine that told me he didn’t think he would ever build relationships this way.

    That’s a problem. These are all great tips Rebekah, but I think you nailed the most important one down when you talked about building relationships.
    Wade Harman recently posted..The Power of The Plus- The Universal Language of Google PlusMy Profile

    • That’s a great point Wade and an opportunity most brands are still missing.

      Social media gives brands the chance to connect on a personal level simply by putting a voice and face to the company. Unfortunately, they’re so worried about everything being “just right,” they don’t know how to get started and most of all, how to have fun and enjoy the interaction with fans and followers.

  14. Hi Rebekah
    Such a tough issue for many businesses these days.
    I was just having a similar Skype call with someone here in Switzerland last week, and we were discussing that here it is even worse.
    People don’t even know about blogging or social media, and the extent that it affects their business. We are further behind than you guys for sure.
    But the rules you have presented will certainly help point people in the right direction!
    have a great week
    Ashley recently posted..Keyword Research Tips – Keep it SimpleMy Profile


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