Think You Don’t Need Google+ in Your Business? Think Again!

Think You Don’t Need Google+ in Your Business? Think Again!

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Think You Don’t Need Google+ in Your Business? Think Again!

While Google+ has seen much slower growth than other social networks, it still remains a viable business marketing tool for multiple reasons. Many of those reasons are easy to miss and simply overlooked by most marketers, and up until recently, myself included.

I admit that I have been slow to embrace Google+. Whether it was the hype, the belief that it was the next “Facebook killer,” or the fact that I was not eager to take on yet another social network, Google+ has not been easy to love.

Thank goodness for the support and encouragement (insert kick in the pants) from a great friend that truly believes in and promotes the use of Google+ for business on a daily basis. And she’s not just blowing smoke.

If you have considered utilizing the power behind this social network, but wonder if Google Plus is worth your time, then listen up to why it might be the right moment to incorporate this sleeping social giant into your marketing repertoire.

Why Use Google+ in Your Business

If you are marketing your business online, you know how important social media can be to the growth of your business.

You have undoubtedly heard how powerful Google’s search engine is in positioning your business at the top of search engines. Now consider a social network that combines the engagement and reach available to your business on Facebook with a social network created with search engine optimization in mind.  Combine those ingredients and together you have a force to be reckoned with.You have Google+.

Yet Google+ is still regarded by many busineses as innefective. While there are pros and cons to using Google+ for business marketing purposes, there are numerous advantages to consider.

Pros of Using Google+ for your Business

    • In November of 2011, Google+ unveiled their business pages, making it easier for businesses and brands to market themselves on the newest social media property.
    • Creating a social media hub on Google+ boosts your search engine rankings in the Google search engine. Every time one of your potential customers hits that +1 button it helps boost your standing with Google.
    • Design circles that benefit your business.This is a unique feature that allows you to segment your audience, potentially sharing content with the people who are interested in that specific information.
    • The hangout feature on Google+ is a great way to interact with your clients. This feature can also be used to hold meetings with remote employees or promote a new product. Check out the cool way the L.A. Times is using Hangouts!
    • It is deeply integrated with Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube making it an easy tool to begin using if you are a heavy Google user.
    • Google+ is a great networking tool. While still in its infancy, Google+ is an excellent resource for B2B purposes to identify and connect with like-minded business professionals.

Now since I was honest in revealing how reluctant I have been to use Google+ within my business, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer the downside to this social network.

Cons of Using Google+ for your Business

    • Google+ is nowhere near as big as Facebook or Twitter, which are the two largest social media sites. This does not mean that it is not a useful site, only that there are fewer people interacting there.
    • Your pages need to be managed through the Google+ interface. This can be a challenge as all other social media sites have been integrated into social media management systems such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Each of those dashboards allow posts to be administered and distributed at the same time. Google+ has been very picky in who it integrates with so your third-party options will be limited.
    • Google+ will take time to learn. That time could be used on other tasks.

While it is evident that Google+, like any other social network, will take additional energy to manage, I have found it to be well worth my time. I have seen an 8% increase in traffic to my website since I began using Google+ and a trickle (albeit a slow one) of interaction on my posts.

Overall, Google+ is definitely worth a look in my opinion, if only for the boost you get in your search rankings. Only time will tell how and if the site continues to grow, but for now it is quickly becoming a social network that I truly enjoy for networking and business visibility purposes.

Remember, every social network has its’ pros and cons, the question to ask is whether the benefits of Google+ outweigh the negatives. Will you use Google+ to market your business?

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  1. Absolutely fantastic post. Thanks for sharing this Rebekah… I now have some more to do on my Google + pages ;-)

    I’ve always liked the design of Google + being much cleaner than Facebook etc. It just keeps getting better!
    Jitendra Vaswani recently posted..7 Killer Tips for Getting Perfect Landing PageMy Profile

  2. Hi Rebekah,
    thank you so much for listing the pros and cons.

    Like you, I have been also slow to use Google+.
    For me it is another ‘thing to do’. Technichally I probably would enjoy the challenge.
    My main focus is getting my minds conditioning and my emotional well being right before I attempt more things.
    Having said that I certainly appreciate what you said her and will bookmark it for later.
    Love and Light!
    Yorinda recently posted..What is the Meaning of Freedom?My Profile

  3. I’ve read different articles on the use of Google+, and how it can improve rankings. Quite recently i read one that said that Google is not doing anything with the ‘+1′ YET. Are you sure that this +1 option is improving rankings? I can’t really find an official statement of Google on this topic.
    P.S. Loved your article!

  4. 8% is 8%. I’ve been dragging my feet as well at adding another social media outlet to my list – but 8% is 8%. lol.

    • It was definitely that for me as well Malla. I didn’t think I had time for one more, but believe it or not, it really hasn’t taken that much more time to manage. If you have a flow for how you incorporate social media into your day, adding this will only put 10-15 minutes more onto your schedule.

  5. Thanks Rebekah. I must admit when we launched our business at the beginning of the year we set up a G+ page mostly for the SEO benefits, but we’ve had more success with it than our equivalent page on FB (even before the recent Edgerank controversies).

    On FB you’re dependent on your existing fans liking and sharing your content, whereas through using hashtags and getting involved in some of the themed photography days we’ve been able to engage with people we would probably never have met on FB, precisely because of users being able to search (surprise, surprise!) for what interests them.

  6. I’m definitely loving G+ more and more. I hear a lot of people say they don’t like G+ because they don’t get anything out of it. I think they’re not using G+ correctly. :) Great post Rebekah!
    DJ Thistle recently posted..Influence THIS! Why influence scores don’t matter for your Social Media ROIMy Profile

  7. I think you’re right Rebekah, I too have ignored it recently but have always been aware of the importance of Google’s search results and how they relate to my own business. By the way, Hootsuite allows you to post to Google+ from its platform. Matt :)
    Matt recently posted..How can I create content? – Top 5My Profile

  8. I started using Google+ right away when I first heard about it. It seemed logical that it would be something important. Google is a big search engine and loves anything it owns so using Google+ seems like a good idea. I always pay attention to anything Google and Google+ is doing. I don’t really think about it so much as a social network. I am thinking SEO.
    Melodie Kantner recently posted..Rev Up Abundance Vibrations With EFTMy Profile

    • I did too Melodie and then dropped off. I just wasn’t “feeling it” over on that platform for some reason. Now I know it’s because I didn’t give it a chance. You are absolutely right on the SEO benefits. It’s well worth the time and effort for that reason alone!

  9. So happy you are giving Google+ a spin and seeing the value in it.

    Taking all the skills that people have learned on Twitter and Facebook, Google+ shouldn’t be such a stretch but it’s hard to find time to learn a new platform and many say “all my friends are on Facebook.” Branching out and diversifying is always a good idea in my book.

    I think that finding your niche on Google+ should be easy with hashtags, search and creating relevant circles.

    It does take a bit to get the interaction rolling on G+ but it was the same with Twitter too. Thanks for the shout in your post. :)
    Peggy Fitzpatrick recently posted..Social media post length? Use the proper size for the win.My Profile

    • The more time I spend, the more I love it! I have really dragged my feet when it comes to Google+ and I just needed to get over the mental hurdle. You helped me do that and I am forever grateful for the boost!!


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