Resource Roundup: How to Migrate Google Reader to Feedly

Resource Roundup: How to Migrate Google Reader to Feedly

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Resource Roundup: How to Migrate Google Reader to Feedly
Today is the start of a new series that will highlight resources and tools designed to simplify the everyday management and monitoring of your social media efforts. Each one is something I use within my own business and will hopefully be a benefit in yours as well.

I decided to begin with a fundamental tool that has enabled me to effortlessly stay up-to-date with my favorite bloggers while scouring the Internet for share-worthy content. That tool, up until a few weeks ago, was Google Reader.

Google’s decision to shut down Google Reader as of July 1st, 2013 has left many people scurrying for an alternative. As a fervent user of Google Reader for many years, I can understand the panic over its loss. The good news is that there are several other viable RSS options, but none as well suited for my needs as Feedly.

I love Feedly for several reasons: the easy migration of data from Google Reader to Feedly, its beautiful and clean magazine-type layout, and the seamless integration with Buffer. I am an avid fan of Buffer and use it daily as a content management tool. Not using it? Find out what you are missing!

What is Feedly

Feedly is a cloud based RSS aggregator and reader that is available for web browsers and mobile operating systems. For someone like me who spends a considerable amount of time scanning the web for shareable content, a reader like Feedly is a must.

Feedly assists users by organizing content into pre-determined categories. With an RSS reader, you no longer need to bounce from one blog to the next. You can now access your favorite blogs all in one location. It’s a perfect time management solution!

Why Feedly is the Best Replacement for Google Reader

  • Easy Migration from Google Reader: Users will only be required to log in to Feedly using their account and all the feds form google reader and all the categories will be easily imported to Feedly.
  • Similar User Functionality: Feedly is similar to Google reader for users who don’t like experiencing change. It has features like Tagging and star features, which were available on Google reader.
  • Multiple Views: Allows you to transition between viewing options dependent on your preference
  • Uninterrupted Use: Users can continue following their favorite trends and other services without interruptions, all they will be required to do is to migrate using the easy steps below and they will be good to go.

Steps to Migrate from Google Reader to Feedly

Ready to get started?

Visit On their homepage you will find a button that prompts you to click and install Feedly. It detects the browser you are using and will show the correct button for your browser.

how to install feedly

If you are using Chrome or Safari, a new tab will open with Feedly. If using Firefox, you will need to restart your browser to finish the installation.

Your next step is to connect your Google Reader account. If you are using Chrome or Safari, a splash screen prompting you to get started will greet you immediately following installation.

meet feedly

If you are using Firefox, you are taken directly into the reader with no welcome screen. To import your feeds, click the “Connect to Google Reader” button.

You will now receive a message from Google asking if you will allow access.  Click the “allow access button” and Feedly will automatically import your feeds along with any items you have saved or starred on Google Reader.

Feedly is now ready and you can start using it!

You might also want to explore the Feedly browser extensions available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I use the Chrome extension and appreciate how easy it is to add a new RSS feed to my reader. Find additional tips on the Feedly blog.

Have fun and enjoy!


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  1. How to migrate after july 1st?

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the guide – that was much easier than I thought it would be :)
    feedly recently posted..Innovationsprozesse | Stage-Gate-ModellMy Profile

  3. Great thing, I have joined freedly today and would like to recommend it for all. It may be better than G-reader feature wise for you.
    Ashraf recently posted..Facebook Launches Hashtags To Its ServiceMy Profile

  4. Green Yan says:

    Eager to know,when Feedly can support Chinese Language?

    The number of using GR from China is huge…….

    Looking forward to see Chinese support soon.

  5. Hello

    I have followed these steps religiously but the problem I have is that each time I open feedly, it asks me to connect to Google Reader, every single time. How can i get around this?
    Thanks in advance
    Oum recently posted..Ce week-end, on a … #4My Profile

  6. I recently started the Twitter “thing” and today asked my 30 (!!) followers what they were using for RSS feeds. Well, I’m still waiting back from them. Then, I read this post. Glad I came across it! Feedly has got a great interface and plugged in easily to Firefox. Thanks for recommending!
    Richard Amaral recently posted..Youth are de-stigmatizing mental healthMy Profile

  7. Michael Erdman says:

    Thanks for your post.

    Many of the feeds I’ve been following with Reader were created by me using Google Alerts (as you must know, Google Alerts doesn’t just create email alerts, you can also obtain delivery via a customized RSS feed). Any idea whether, after July 1, those RSS feeds created with Google Alerts will still function? I’m concerned they may be intertwined with Reader such that we all might be out of luck. Thanks!!


  8. Wonderful. I came over b/c I had trouble logging in and setting up my account in Firefox. Once again, it’s the browser wars that determine how we surf.

    I’m going to try to do this in Chrome and see what happens. I suppose Chrome = Google= Feedly in this case!

    Thanks, Rebekah.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Soulati Media On The Street With @JasonKonopinskiMy Profile

    • Hopefully it worked for you in Chrome Jayme! I only use Chrome due to the issues I continued to run into with Firefox. They all have their own idiosyncrasies, but I love the functionality (most of the time) of Chrome!

  9. I had some issue importing my google reader with feedly, and I couldnt import my starred items. I tried Reeder and EldonReader. both are good but I’m still not satisfied switching from service to service :-(

  10. Hi, Rebekah! As alternative to GR I use bazqux reader, it also provide easy migration from GR, has similar user functionality and has multiple views too, plus it shows comments to posts! What do you think about it?

    • Hi Marina – I haven’t tried that and probably won’t at this point. I’m really happy with Feedly and how easily it integrates with all of my devices. Makes life so much easier!

  11. Hi Rebekah,

    Wow, that was so easy. Thank you for sharing. I knew Google Reader would be shutting down and I had read articles about Feedly, but I didn’t take the steps to set it up. I thought it would take a lot of time. It was a snap!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..Rippln Technology And HistoryMy Profile

  12. Great article, thanks! I wonder if there is any way to search in Feedly MY PREVIOUS posts… the ones I already had in Google Reader. If I try to search for a word, Feedly offers me new sources, and I want to retrieve something I read, and it has to be somewhere in my feeds. Thanks a lot in advance!
    Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella recently posted..Viernes Light: África por NoruegaMy Profile

  13. Question….I asked Feedly (admittedly via Twitter, so meh…) what was going to happen when Google Reader shut down. It seems, right now, the service is heavily dependent on Reader, as opposed to “copying” the data from reader, it’s more like it “uses” reader. Is this right or am I off my rocker?
    Will B. recently posted..UltraEdit — Syntax Highlighting not Working (How to fix)My Profile

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