PREP Performance Coaching
Ignite Online Growth, 
Dominate the Marketplace.
With the proven PREP Performance™ one-on-one coaching program from Rebekah Radice and company. 

Dominate Social Media with Rebekah Radice. This is NOT 
a group coaching program. This is a true, one-on-one coaching program. You'll learn the proven, end to end strategy I've taught to thousands of entrepreneurs.
PREP Performance™ Coaching is grounded in my PREP Performance Method, a radical approach to improving social media engagement, generating quality online leads, turning conversation into conversions, and increasing revenue.

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 Due to the high-level, hands-on nature of this program, enrollment is LIMITED. 
What PREP Performance Coaching Includes
Every coaching program is customized to your exact needs. We show you how to create global 
awareness, elevate name recognition, and transmit your message to a key market while accelerating growth.
  •  8 Weeks: One-on-one coaching with you and your team.
  • Customized: Marketing strategy built around PREP Performance .
  •  6 Coaching Calls: Including recordings to nail down your systems, processes, tools, and plan.
  •  Direct Access: 24/7 Support from Rebekah and the team.
  •  Free Downloads: Get the exercises, checklists, blueprints, and step-by-step training others pay hundreds of dollars for.
Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Industry
"Rebekah is my go-to for all things strategy and social media. Most people have written about social strategy 
without putting things into practice , but Rebekah practices what she teaches. S
top guessing about social media and learn how you can strategically grow your social media." 

- Peg Fitzpatrick, Co-Author, The Art of Social Media
Ready to cut through the clutter, clearly communicate your value, 
and win more customers? I did it. YOU can too! 
Customized coaching and training to create clarity, 
credibility, and dramatic growth through online marketing. 
Who is Rebekah Radice
Every coaching program is customized to your exact needs. We show you how to create global 
awareness, elevate name recognition, and transmit your message to a key market while accelerating growth.

If you're ready to earn back your time, take control, and grow a successful business, you're in the right place. 

With over 20 years experience, I've dedicated my career to helping you... a business owner, entrepreneur, and leader.

And everything I teach and train, I've tested. It's not theory or some big idea that I've never implemented. Nope, everything I share with you has been used by companies from Better Homes and Gardens to Benchmark, NATO, and thousands of entrepreneurs.

I've developed a powerful 4-step process that will radically improve your use of online marketing. And all of it is proven to work without gimmicks or manipulative techniques that promise "overnight success."

Each coaching session, consulting package or team training is customized to meet your needs, including the fundamental building blocks to a comprehensive online marketing solution. 

All of this and more is POSSIBLE! But you can't go it alone. It's time to say YES to your success.
How Fast Could You Grow...
If You Had the EXACT Roadmap to Success?
One of the biggest misconceptions for business owners is that money will magically start rolling in from day one. The reality is that it takes time, effort, and strategic planning to make a living off your business, let alone build a successful and thriving company.

As a founder or founding partner of 6 businesses over the last 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of similar themes emerge. Within that, I’ve clearly identified where so many companies fail in combining social media to a profitable online social selling process.

But what if you could overcome those challenges and design a strategic marketing plan that invigorated your online brand, inspired your audience, and drove dramatic growth? That’s exactly what you’ll find inside the Marketing PREP Performance™ coaching and training.

During our time together, we'll focus on the skills, systems, processes, and tools you need to instantly solidify your branding, propel business growth, and create a solid digital marketing foundation.

With the PREP process, you'll go through 4 stages:
Do you find your team spending countless hours on social media with nothing to show for it? Tired of spinning your wheels on marketing campaigns that never produce the desired results? Planning is the key! 

In phase 1, you'll learn how to:
  •  Create Your PREP Performance Baseline: Audit of what’s worked in your marketing, what hasn’t, where the opportunities lie
  •  Tell Your Unique Story: The formula to telling a compelling story that sells
  •  Plan Your Market Strategy: How to DOMINATE any industry or niche
Looking to build your business or remodel an existing online brand? Research is the key to a solid foundation. Our team will perform a competitive and situational analysis to uncover digital opportunities. We’ll provide detailed discovery with a comprehensive online marketing plan. 
  •  Find Your Target Audience: Which social media platforms work best when cultivating a solid customer base
  •  Outline the Customer Journey: How to move conversation to conversion using social selling 
  •  Painless Prospecting and Networking: Build professional alliances and partnerships that encourage business growth
Know the difference between perfect and presentable? Don't get stuck in execution. I’ll help you kick perfect to the curb and get things done. With an actionable plan in place, you'll move forward with energy and enthusiasm. No excuses, nothing holding you back. Just consistent effort with dramatic results.
  •  The Engagement Buster Formula: The number one way to increase conversation around your brand
  •  Using Automation in Your Sales Funnel: Let the right tools do the heavy work so you can focus on what matters most
  •  Your Daily Social Selling System: This daily profit building checklist is worth the price of coaching alone
Is your business is in a constant state of flux? Profits are up one month only to fall the next? We'll put systems in place that create a momentum accelerator. Through tools and duplicatable processes, you'll create a profit generating machine that penetrate increases traffic, leads, sales, and company revenue.
  •  Connecting Social and Sales ROI: Why social selling hasn’t worked and how this repeatable and manageable system will make sales soar
  •  Awareness, Nurture, and Activation: How and what to use in each stage of your funnel to prepare customers to buy
  •  Metrics, Data, and Tracking: Knowing what to measure, how to measure it and where to find and organize it
If you're eager to transform your industry, ignite your community, become a catalyst for change, and create demonstrative results within your business... now is the time!
I'm Ready to Accelerate my 
Online Marketing Results!
What These Raving Fans Have To Say 

Sam Hurley, OPTIM-EYEZ

"Rebekah thoroughly describes the ins and outs of digital marketing in a clear and concise manner — the overall professionalism and 'human' side to her training is what really sets her apart."

Graham Byles, Intell Marketing

“Rebekah won me over really fast with her easy to understand training and her depth of knowledge on the subject matter. This ain’t no wishy-washy coaching by some backyard ‘guru,’ Rebekah is the real deal.” 

Steve Gutzler, #1 Leadership Coach

""Rebekah is the undisputed queen of marketing. She put a purpose driven strategic plan in place that generated immediate recognition, driving substantial revenue for my leadership company."

Melissa Harmel, Keller Williams

"Rebekah makes you stop and think by combining solid advice to narrow down the daunting task of successfully creating the dream you have of being an entrepreneur.” 
Learn How You Can Build a Rock Solid Marketing Foundation
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