How to increase online engagement, hit revenue goals, and achieve higher profitability.
The PREP Performance™ Method
A four-step process to give entrepreneurs to enterprise the skills, systems, and processes necessary to improve social media engagement, generate quality leads, turn conversation into conversions, and increase revenue.

As a recognized Marketing expert, Rebekah has trained thousands on how to:

  • Design a strategic marketing plan
  • Research to uncover powerful opportunities 
  • Consistently execute to create dramatic results
  • Implement a profit generating marketing machine
How The PREP Performance™ Method Works

What if you could design a strategic marketing plan that invigorated your team, inspired your audience, and drove dramatic growth? You can!

Looking to build your business or update an existing online brand? Research that uncovers opportunity is the key to a solid foundation.

Know the difference between perfect & presentable? Don't get stuck in execution.Kick perfect to the curb & get things done.

Is your business is in a constant state of flux? Profits are up one month only to fall the next? Put systems in place that create a momentum accelerator.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Rebekah is One of The Top Online Marketers...

"Not only does she practice what she preaches, but she teaches what she's proven to work time and time again. She's one of the most dynamic leaders and trainers I know. Amazing insight, self awareness, and impact on her community and students." - STEVE GUTZLER

Strategies to Help You Maximize Your Time...

“This is brilliant because it not only scrapes the surface on marketing, but Rebekah Radice does a wonderful job of teaching deeper skills that allow us to make it easier to share the right content and build upon the strengths we already have.” - LORI ENGLISH

Rebekah is Second to None...

“Rebekah has won me over really fast with her easy to understand training and her depth of knowledge on the subject matter. This ain’t no wishy-washy coaching by some backyard ‘guru,’ Rebekah is the real deal.” - GRAHAM BYLES

Rebekah is Second to None...

“Rebekah makes you stop and think by combining solid advice to narrow down the daunting task of successfully creating the dream you have of being an entrepreneur.” - MELISSA HARMEL
Social Media Marketing Coaching Los Angeles
Over 5,700 Students Have Learned How to Maximize, Prioritize, 
and Monetize Their Online Efforts With Rebekah's Training.

Social Media Marketing Coaching Los Angeles
1,000+ Entrepreneurs Have Worked With Rebekah to Connect 
Social Media Marketing With a Scalable Business Strategy.

Who is the PREP Performance Method designed for?
Whether you’re a small business owner, author, speaker, or coach, the PREP Performance Method will help you create online marketing momentum, stability, consistency and clarity around your message, vision, and values.
What will you accomplish with PREP?
PREP gives you the system, tools, and strategy to use online marketing to grow your business or personal brand without getting bogged down by overwhelming details, terminology, and daily to-do lists.  
Are there any minimum requirements for PREP?
Nope! PREP is for entrepreneurs to enterprise and newbie to professional. If you’ve built a business and want to expand your online brand, PREP is for you. 
What will you accomplish through PREP?
With PREP, you'll get the skills, systems, and processes necessary to improve social media engagement, generate quality leads, turn conversation into conversions, and increase revenue.
Is PREP online or in-person training only?
PREP is created to accommodate you, your team, and your company. We offer online training, coaching, and workshops as well as corporate or staff trainings.
I have questions, what's my next step?
It's easy! Complete the contact form below and we'll schedule a time to chat. We want to learn about your specific needs, ensure that you have a problem we can solve, and clarify that there's a perfect fit between our training and your team.
Ready to Accelerate Your Results?
 Contact Rebekah today and see how quick, easy, and sustainable PREP can be!
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