Rebekah Radice, Keynote Speaker - Author - Trainer

Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, and vibrant Keynote Speaker for your next event? Do you need a speaker that can inspire, activate, and ignite your audience?

Rebekah’s speaking and training helps companies remain on the cutting edge by providing new, innovative, and strategic ideas. that bring real business solutions.


Rebekah Radice is the founder of Rebekah Radice Media and RadiantLA, premier training and development companies working with growth driven leaders to build comprehensive marketing systems.

She’s also the Chief Marketing Officer of Post Planner, the author of “Social Media Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Growth,” and the creator of “The Authority Matrix,” a powerful personal brand building tool used by Fortune 500 executives to leverage employee influence and advocacy.

Rebekah is an award winning blogger, recognized two years in a row for her contributions to the social media industry.

As an International Keynote Speaker, Rebekah has been featured at over 200 events, including the NATO International Summit.

With her early days spent on morning radio, Rebekah honed her skills at engaging, communicating with, and reaching an audience.

Rebekah is passionate about creating personalized, but scaleable content marketing and social media solutions. Having trained thousands of business professionals on how to use social media, digital and omni-channel marketing strategically, Rebekah helps businesses maximize, prioritize and monetize their online efforts.

She knows how to design an experience around a brand and shares her knowledge through actionable and proven strategies.


Each customized presentation is available for online or offline, and in a variety of formats:

Keynote: 45 - 60 minutes for mid to large size audiences with a range of levels: intermediate to advanced.

Workshop:  90 minutes - 4 hours: hands-on, interactive, reveals the process, systems, and tools.

Online / Webinar: Professionally produced, targeted content that packages ideas, systems, tools, and strategies into an easy to digest and access format.

On-site Training: Ideal for those with an immediate growth need and the desire to establish a longer term, more aggressive platform strategy.


  • Social Media Marketing (Planning, Management, and Execution)
  • Content Marketing (Creation and Strategy)
  • Women in Leadership (Sustainable Success)
  • Packaging Up Your Expertise (Product Design and Sales)
  • Attracting Your Perfect Client (Growth Process)
  • Solidifying Your Brand (Define What Makes You Shine)
  • Getting Media and Publicity Attention (Building Influence)

Accolades and Event Praise

Set the tone...

I wanted to personally thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the preparation of your presentation. You managed to set the tone of the event but also put the bar immediately very high. I have had nothing but positive feedback on the event, from participants of nations, international organizations and even the ambassadors that attended. You definitely nailed it!, Franky Saegerman, NATO

“If you’re looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker, I  highly recommend  Rebekah. Rebekah listens, and the result is an attendee experience that is customized and unique, conveying the message of  social media with a ‘WOW’ factor!” There’s no way to fake experience , on or off the stage, and Rebekah is the real deal!”

Peg Fitzpatrick

Living what you teach...

"Your web site – the layout, the content, the style, the engaging quality and the sheer quantity of valuable information is an inspiration to me.  You are living what you are teaching to others – and it shows." Dr. Erica GoodstonePh.D., LMHC, LMFT, LMT, LPC

“Rebekah is a consummate professional who goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of your audience. If you want an energizing speaker, call Rebekah – she’s second to none!”

Kristine Ginsberg Elite Staging and Redesign

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Rebekah in the Media

Rebekah's Top Keynotes

Content Amplification: How to Promote, Distribute, and WIN in 2018

Session Description

In this digital age, where cutthroat competition is the norm, high-performing content is what sets you apart. But high-performing content isn’t just good content, it’s content that converts at a much higher rate.

Attendee takeaways:

  • Tactical and actionable ways to produce a content amplification strategy at scale
  • How to effectively distribute content to attract the right audience, optimize the lifetime value of clients, and open new doors of opportunity
  • Decrease current advertising spend while increasing results
  • Turn any content into a lifetime marketing return

How to Make Visual Content Your Secret Weapon to Increased Engagement, Traffic, and Sales

Creating an online presence is easy. Scaling that into a successful marketing strategy is hard. That's where visual content comes in.

During this session, Rebekah shares how visual marketing is impacting brand affinity, conversions, and click-through rates.

Attendee takeaways:

  • Tactical ways to use visual marketing to increase engagement
  • How to build a strong customer base
  • The keys to driving social referral traffic through a creative, consistent, and compelling visual brand

How to Create a Rock-Solid Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing on social media continues to evolve. As consumers actively look to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  prior to making purchase decisions, it’s no longer a matter of if you should get active, but how fast you can create a viable presence.

In this data-rich session, Rebekah shares a tactical approach to creating a social media content strategy that drives massive momentum.

Attendee takeaways:

  • How to get more conversions out of your social media content
  • Learn the key techniques to optimizing social networks to outrank the competition
  • The best kept secrets for creating hot content
  • How to make video and visual marketing your social media secret weapons

Branded: How to Tell Your Story, Build a Stronger Community, and Leave Your Mark

A strong online presence is crucial to business growth. That’s where your brand strategy comes in. Rebekah Radice, an award winning writer has built her business and social media audience through a powerful personal brand.

Attendee takeaways:

  • How any business can position for dramatic growth by establishing a strong online brand
  • Why now is the time to create a brand that builds momentum, opens doors, and propels online efforts forward
  • The 4-part formula to telling a story that connects and converts
  • The NEEDS list that will instantly transform how you show up online, spark audience attention, and leave your mark on the world

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Have additional questions or specific needs? Email Rebekah to schedule a one on one call with her and her team.

We value your privacy and would never spam you


  • Rebekah Radice Speaker One Sheet

    Download Rebekah's speaker one sheet to find additional information. Rebekah's cutting edge solutions will provide your conference, event, or company attendees with new, innovative, and strategic ideas that bring real results. Each customized presentation is available for online or offline, and in a variety of formats:

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